Deutsch lernen mit Spaß und Fantasie

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Deutsch lernen mit Spaß und Fantasie

7 creative writing tips

  1. Take care of yourself right from the start. This includes the right tools: Do you prefer to use a fountain pen, a ballpoint pen or your laptop? It’s important, that you can write easily and well with it.
  2. Don’t think too much! Just start. Thoughts come naturally when you write. In the beginning, it helps to set aside a specific time when you are not allowed to leave your writing space.
  3. Ignore rules. Style, spelling, punctuation, and grammar don’t matter at first. You can put things in order later.
  4. Don’t control what you write. Be faster than your inner censor. Only this way you will succeed to enter the depths of your memories.
  5. Be specific. Your text will be more authentic if you don’t simply note that you had a dog as a child, but: What color was he? Was he big or small? What was his temperament like?
  6. Practice. Practice. Practice. Practice makes perfect, even in writing. Get into the habit of a certain routine. For example, I always write for half an hour in the evening after work – or in the morning after breakfast.
  7. Read your text aloud at the end. You’ll notice where the text is in flux and where you stumble over your own words. Keep working on these passages.

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